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RSF Renaissance Rumford 1000 Wood Fireplace

The Renaissance Rumford® 1000 wood fireplace is the ideal wood burning fireplace. It provides the crackle of wood, heat of the flame and is the perfect focal point for any room. When the integrated glass door is closed, unlike a conventional masonry fireplace, there is no heat lost up the chimney.

Sealed Door
Once closed, the Renaissance door keeps warm room air inside the home where it belongs.

Less expensive than masonry
No footing required to support the fireplace, pre-assembled units cost less and install easily.

Clean Burning
Winner of a U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award for outstanding, innovative efforts in improving air quality.

Although light enough to require no footing, the Renaissance is over 800 lbs of solid steel.

Insulated Chimney
Insulated chimney prevents cold air entering the home and improves performance of the appliance.

Massive Fire
No other existing fireplace burns as big, bright and beautiful as a Renaissance Fireplace.

Creates Distinctive Ambiance
Listen to the crackle and pop of the fire when the built in screen is closed.

Freedom of Design
Our fireplaces are a blank canvas which you can adapt to your personal style.



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