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Blaze King Princess 29 Wood Insert

The Blaze King Princess 29 Wood Insert, at 2.54 cu. ft., has a larger size firebox. Your Princess is capable of heating 800 to 2,300 sq.ft*.

The distance from the door opening to the bottom of the firebox is 6 in., allowing the Princess to hold up to 53 lbs. of wood. Our deep fireboxes hold logs in the firebox better and minimize the need to remove ashes. The Princess is all about performance. The firebox extends 11” onto the hearth which allows more heat to be radiated into the room. It also means this large insert can fit into smaller fireplace openings.


Heats 1,200 – 2,500 Square Feet
27 Hour Low Burn Times
Thermostatically Controlled
2.54 Cubic Foot Firebox
Max Heat Input 413,567 BTUs
86% LHV Efficiency (80% HHV)
39,519 BTU’s/hour output for 9 hours
Up to 20” Log Length (16” recommended)
EPA Emissions 2.0 gr/hour

Blaze King Wood Insert Brochure

Blaze King Princess 29 Wood Insert Owner’s Manual

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