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Barker BBQ

Barker BBQ is a home-grown BBQ company that started as an Instagram page sharing pictures of the latest cooks in our backyard and grew to a company selling rubs.

We use premium local ingredients from our friends at Spiceology and Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, so you can expect the best from Barker BBQ every time.  Our rub line includes:


  • Baby Got Beef – For our beef rub we started with the tried and true combo of salt pepper and garlic, then amped it up a bit.  Baby Got Beef is a flavor packed rub for everything from Brisket to Tri-Tip. Throw it on some steaks for the perfect flavor every time. Baby Got Beef is sugar free and ready for your long low and slow cooks! It is also one of our favorites for seasoning anything we cook when you are looking for no sugar but tons of flavor. As always our rubs are made with only the highest quality ingredients, no fillers, no added msg or any other nonsense.
  • Country Espresso – We partnered with local premium coffee roaster Tom Sawyer Country Coffee to handmake this espresso rub. You can expect a lightly sweet and very savory rub that is good on everything! We tend to use it on Beef and Pork the most but customers have used it on everything from chicken, salmon, vegetables and even guacamole. Our Country Espresso Rub adds the perfect amount of flavor every time. We use only the highest quality ingredients with no preservatives, Gluten , MSG or any other nonsense.
  • House Blend – House Blend is our all purpose rub. Put it on anything: beef, chicken, pork, veggies, ANYTHING.  It’s pretty simple: use the rub on whatever you are making, and it will take your bbq game to the next level.  Like all of our rubs, we use only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, no added msg or any other nonsense.
  • Sweet Lou – Sweet Lou started out with us trying to create the perfect wing rub. Did we do that? We think so. It’s perfect with or without sauce added. We named this rub after our daughter. If you know Sweet Lou, you know that she is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and we wouldn’t have it any other way! This rub not only makes the perfect wings, but is great on veggies, pork (killer on ribs), chicken, or whatever else you think of. We even have customers that use it as popcorn seasoning! Like all of our rubs Sweet Lou is made with only the highest quality ingredients, no fillers, MSG, gluten, or any other nonsense.