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Whether you’re a professional chef, weekend grill warrior or amateur home cook, we’re here to help with innovative signature blends and 400+ small-batch ground spices, chiles, herbs, salts, confections, fruit & vegetable powders and modernist ingredients.


Chef-owned & Operated
Great taste comes from chefs, not food scientists, which is why we hire the best of the foodservice industry to develop our blends, create recipes and work with our professional clientele.

Fresh Matters Ethos
Our chefs handpick all of our raw ingredients, grind in small batches and ship direct to your door to guarantee the freshness and quality of our product. Go ahead, take us for a taste test.

Flavor Innovation
Our chefs are constantly creating the next great flavor combination or sourcing in-demand ingredients allowing our customers to quickly add new flavors to your shelves. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.



Rubs & Blends

Our line of rubs & blends is so broad, it consists of more than forty different flavors. Whether you’re looking for something to enhance your steak, scallops, or your late-night snacks, you’ve landed in the right place. These seasonings aren’t just for protein, they also pair well with roasted veggies, potatoes (mashed or fried)… even popcorn!

  • Black & Bleu Rub – Our Black & Bleu spice rub is a perfect blend of Cajun blackening spices mixed with creamy bleu cheese for the spicy cheesy flavor of your dreams.
  • Black Magic Cajun Rub – Black Magic is our version of a Cajun blackening spice with a little bit of cayenne fire, a lot of that spicy-sweet paprika perfection, and a frisky garlic-herb blend that hits you right in the kisser.
  • Chile Margarita Mexican Rub – It’s a citrusy, sweet & spicy party in your mouth! Not only is it amazing on all proteins but you can toss this super versatile seasoning into canned black beans, sprinkle on grilled corn or even swirl into chili.
  • Cowboy Crust Espresso Chile Rub – This espresso chile rub recipe, made for a rodeo, is one of our customer favorites! Thomas Hammer Fireball Espresso is mixed with chili powder, cumin, brown sugar, and a touch of cayenne to give you a high octane coffee rub.
  • Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub – A mix of herbs, dried onion, sun-dried tomato, a touch of chili pepper, and orange peel powder combine flawlessly to give you all of the flavor, without any fillers.
  • Jamaican Jerk Rub – It’s a little sweet with hints of cinnamon, a little spicy with a kick from cayenne, and has a ton of flavor from the freshly ground clove and allspice.
  • Korean BBQ All-purpose Rub – Packed with flavors of soy, sesame, and orange, this spicy blend is delicious on almost everything. Try it on steak, chicken, grilled tofu, pork or vegetables.
  • Oh Canada Steak Seasoning – Oh Canada is the perfect blend for a barbecue. The coarse, bold spices compliment hearty steaks and add a hint of heat.
  • Pink Peppercorn Lemon Thyme All-Purpose Rub – We raised the bar with the addition of floral pink peppercorns, subtle hints of thyme and lemon peel powder mixed with other herbs and spices.
  • Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet & Spicy Rub – Slightly smoky from the smoked paprika, slightly sweet from the honey granules and the perfect kick from the habanero to spice things up a bit – it’s a full-on delight!
  • Maui Wowee Hawaiian Teriyaki Rub –  Made with real pineapple, brown sugar, tamari soy granules, black sesame seeds, Asian spices, and chiles…this is one of the best blends Spiceology has ever created.
  • Prime Rib Rub – With a hint of paprika complemented by garlic and tomatoes, you’re sure to love it on pork chops, burgers, and sauces.
  • Turkey Rub – The great balance of comforting herbs, garlic and onion will surely become a shelf staple all year round.
  • Purple Haze All-purpose Rub – We’ve packed a garden’s worth of vegetables into what (in our humble opinion) is the best, most delicious plant-based seasoning ever. Beetroot, tomato, carrot, onion, garlic, spices and chiles have been expertly blended into an earthy, sweet, flavor-packed rub that’s good on pretty much anything. No really, try this versatile rub on chicken, pork, beef, and of course, veggies. Purple Haze even makes a great topping for popcorn.
  • Bleu Cheese Buffalo Blend – Flavors combine to make a rich and tangy blend perfect for just about anything. Shake it on wings, roasted cauliflower bites, alfredo sauce, or toss it with some freshly fried potato chips.
  • Truffle Parmesan Blend – This deliciously earthy, intense and cheesy blend is great to toss with potato chips, creamy risotto, freshly fried chips, popcorn, and roasted vegetables.
  • Black Truffle Salt – Coarse salt infused with natural and artificial black truffle flavor. Best used as a finishing salt.
  • Applewood Smoked Salt – Naturally cold-smoked over apple wood, this delicate sea salt has a mild smoky flavor.
  • Hickory Smoked Salt – Cold-smoked over hickory wood, this delicate flakey sea salt has a good amount of smoke flavor and a light to medium brown color.


Derek Wolf Rubs & Blends

Grill like a pro with these Southern BBQ seasonings, blends and meat rubs.

Fire up the grill and your tastebuds with the perfect Derek Wolf Beer Rubs –

  • Cherry Chipotle Ale rub – Hop haters, rejoice! The sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste of ale perfectly combines with tart dried cherries and the smoky, earthy flavor of chipotle in this balanced rub. Use it as a rub or add it to Ale to make a powerful beer marinade perfect for tenderizing proteins and flavoring veggies.
  • Honey mustard IPA rub – Bitter, floral, earthy, citrusy, piney and fruity, and that’s just the IPA flavors. This complex and perfectly balanced rub, features delicious honey granules and savory, rich dried mustard, too. This sweet and savory rub packs a flavor punch. Rub or Marinade, we say both. That’s right, add this rub to an IPA to create a delicious beer marinade to tenderize meat and flavor veggies.
  • Hickory Peach Porter rub – Chocolate, caramel and toffee tones mark the flavors of this robust porter. Add to that the sweetness of dried peaches and the smoky-bacony (that’s a word, right?) taste of hickory and you have the perfect rub for just about anything. And, this isn’t just a rub. Add it to a porter and you’ll have a flavor-packed beer marinade to tenderize proteins and up the tastiness of veggies.
  • Imperial Coffee Stout rub – Strong, dark and creamy, the coffee and chocolate flavors of a hoppy stout combine with spicy cinnamon and nutmeg and earthy cumin, spicy guajillo chiles and just a hint of smoked paprika to make this rich rub. Make a beer marinade by adding this rub to a Stout for tenderizing deliciousness.
  • Jalapeno Lime Pilsner rub – Fruity, crisp and slightly hoppy, Pilsner is the perfect flavor to combine with the fresh, citrus of dried limes and the bright heat of jalapeno. This rub captures the taste of summer in one versatile seasoning. Rub? Marinade? Why not? Make a delicious beer marinade by adding this rub to a Pilsner.
  • Mesquite Peppercorn Lager rub – The light, crisp flavors of a lager mix perfectly with the spicy (yet fruity) bite of pink peppercorns and strong, earthy hints of Mesquite to make the ideal rub for those wanting all the deliciousness with none of the hoppy bitterness. Turn your rub into a beer-marinade by adding it to a lager. This is the perfect way to tenderize meat or flavor veggies.

Crack a can and rub it on or marinate it real good. Find out which flavor is your favorite!


Fall in love with Derek Wolf BBQ Rubs –

  • Tennessee Smoke – From Memphis BBQ to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Smoke is my ode to my home state of Tennessee. Packed full of hickory smoke flavor and sweet BBQ seasonings, you can add this to just about anything and make it delicious. It is the perfect all-purpose rub for those that want to add a sweet and smoky flavor to their food.
  • Chipotle Garlic – If you love Chipotle Garlic, you’ll love this. After doing a small portion of my life in West Texas, I fell in love with the culture and food of Latin America. One of my favorite flavors is smoky & spicy Chipotle. My Chipotle Garlic rub is the summation of my time experiencing just that. The smoky spice of the chipotle combines with the tangy & earthy flavors of the garlic and other spices. This rub is an all-purpose blend that goes perfect on just about anything.
  • Maple Bourbon – The Maple Bourbon rub is just that, sweet maple flavoring combined with all of the best that bourbon has to offer.If you did not know, bourbon is my drink of choice for every occasion. The subtle sweet caramel notes combine so elegantly with food cooked over a fire. So why not make a rub? The subtle sweet & savory flavors will keep you coming back for more.
  • Southwest Chile – Hatch Chiles are one of the world’s most wonderful flavors. Coming from Hatch, NM, these little tangy and spicy peppers are great flavors to add when cooking over live fire. This Southwest Chile rub, formerly named Hatch Chile Rub, is an ode to my endless love of the Southwest. It is packed full of dried hatch chiles, cumin, and citrus that is great for seasoning your food, adding to salsa or using in a marinade.

Every flavor is full of countless stories and memories that ultimately make Over The Fire Cooking what it is today!


Sasquatch BBQ

Hearty and flavorful BBQ blends inspired from the Pacific Northwest.  Embrace the “Sasquatch Lifestyle” with these PNW collections.

  • Eruption (Rib Rub) – This is a Sasquatch tribute to the 40th anniversary of the May 18 explosion of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. This event forever changed Sasquatch’s home. Well-rounded, this robust mix of savory, smoky, and spicy will “blow” your mind! A “landslide” of brown sugar, honey, onion, chile pepper, garlic, tomato powder, paprika, hickory smoked salt, natural apple powder and mustard will make your tastebuds “explode,” leaving you in a flavor plume of awesomeness. This rib rub recipe will be the last one you’ll ever choose.
  • Dirt (Beef Rub) – Savory and sweet, this Sasquatch special is sure to impress with its rich, bold flavor, dramatic color and ultimate crusty bark.
  • Moss (Herb Rub) – MOSS is arguably the most versatile and complex seasoning in the DIRT, FIRE, MOSS lineup. This aromatic eye-pleaser is sure to spike your senses on all levels. MOSS gets you “covered” and smothered with a powerful arrangement of oregano, basil, thyme, garlic, and other high-quality spices. It is simply “MOSS-OME.”
  • Stinger (Sweet & Spicy Rub) – We took the sweetness of honey granules, mixed in a couple of grandma’s kitchen favorites like cinnamon, allspice and coriander and then “stung” your taste buds with a kick of Morita Chipotle and chili powder. The result? A blend that’s not too spicy but packs just enough heat to leave you dipping your “paw” in the bottle for more. Get Stung!!!
  • Mother Plucker (Poultry Rub) – Cane sugar provides a dash of sweet leading to an epic flavor mash-up of garlic, paprika, onion, lemon peel and hickory smoked salt. Savory, smoky and the perfect amount of sweet, this rub will soon be your go-to for all things chicken.
  • Butter Toss – Butter makes everything better. We all know that, but amplifying that buttery goodness with garlic, rosemary, black pepper and other herbs takes “Butter Toss” to an extreme level.


The Grill Dads

Dry brines for easy, crispy chicken and salt and pepper blends.

  • Bada Bing Dry Brine – Move over wet brine, there’s an easier way to make delicious, juicy and crispy poultry… The Grill Dads Dry Brine Bird Baths. Thanks to a combination of Italian spices created by Mark’s Nona (that’s right, he’s Italian underneath that giant beard), great flavors are as easy as Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Get it? That’s why we named it… well, you get the point. Grill up (or roast) some Bada Bing chicken and add it to fresh pasta. Trust us, that’s amoré.
  • The Fall Guy Dry Brine – This ain’t no stunt, Maple Chili Dry Brine Bird Bath is the real flavor deal. Otherwise known as pre-salting, dry brining poultry is a great way to make easy delicious, juicy and crispy meat. The Grill Dads are packing in the flavor with the perfect combination of sweet maple sugar granules and spicy chili peppers. And, when you add maple sugar granules and chili pepper, you have the perfect chicken wing brine.
  • Lemonade Thyme Dry Brine – Leave it to The Grill Dads to create the perfect way to make easy delicious, juicy and crispy poultry (or any bird for that matter) – Meet their Lemonade Thyme Dry Brine Bird Bath. This delicious combination of salt, sugar, and, you guessed it, lemon and thyme is an easy way to brine chicken. Sprinkle some Lemonade Thyme on your bird and let it dry brine overnight to add just the right amount of flavor to your meat. Trust us, this might be your new favorite “guest” for Thanksgiving dinner… or any dinner for that matter.
  • Black Tuxedo – A Texas tradition, tuxedo blends enhance the flavor of whatever they’re added to.  The perfect combination of salt, pepper and an added “kiss” of Mexican chocolate and activated charcoal, Black Tuxedo is The Grill Dads’ style of cooking at it’s best. Sophisticated and simple flavors that honor the food instead of overwhelming it… with a little bit of an unexpected flavor twist. Plus, it gave Fey the chance to order tuxedo t-shirts to celebrate the launch.
  • Red Tuxedo – Ooooooweeeee! The Grill Dads’ Red Tuxedo blend is the perfect spicy combination of salt and pepper with an unexpected kick from some unique peppers. But, never fear, The Grill Dads are honoring the traditional Texan tuxedo philosophy of enhancing not overwhelming flavors with this delicious blend. Feeling a tingle? That’s the Szechuan peppercorn doing its thing.
  • White Tuxedo – The Grill Dads’ have created the perfect flavor enhancing balance of spicy horseradish and tangy vinegar to add to their classic salt and pepper Tuxedo blend. Fire up the grill, we’ve got a dish to dress up. If sour cream and onion potato chips are your favorite thing, this is your new favorite blend.

Fun fact, the Grill Dads will tailgate anywhere?


Chef Chad White

 A new take on BBQ blends for the PNW.

  • Brisket Bomb – Roast House’s beloved F-Bomb Coffee is deep and robust with hints of black cherry and dry cacao and an aroma of dark chocolate and rich fruit. Generously work this blend all over your brisket and never look back.
  • Hot Bird (Rib & Poultry Seasoning) – With a hint of habanero and that citrus pungency people love the pepper for, this versatile blend brings a tasty depth and dimension to any recipe. Liberally use with your poultry or protein of choice and savor the flavor this blend brings.
  • Flavor Hog (Pork Rub) – Flavor Hog’s sweet and spicy notes pair perfectly with those fattier pork cuts; gather the wood, pour out the pellets or simply light that grill – it’s time for a porcine party with the Flavor Hog flowing freely.

Variety might be the spice of life, but Chad White is upping the ante with these Northwest-inspired BBQ blends.


Christie Vanover

Texas-style chicken, pork and beef brisket rubs for the backyard Pitmaster.

  • Pork Rub – Christie Vanover’s award-winning Pork Rub combines a blend of garlic, honey, and molasses to amplify pork’s natural sweetness. Then, it’s accentuated with a blend of five chiles to deliver a rich mahogany color for that perfect bark.
  • Chicken Rub – When creating this Chicken Rub, competitive pitmaster Christie Vanover was looking for a blend of herbs and spices so desirable that judges would crave more than one bite. This satiating mix of umami, chiles and herbs totally teases your taste buds, so you can’t help but want more.
  • Brisket Rub – Her Brisket Rub combines the classic Texas brisket staples of salt, pepper, and garlic with a touch of heat and a kiss of sweet.

Bring on the backyard barbecue!



Extreme BBQ Rubs and seasonings for burgers, brisket and veggies.

  • Rub Woofer (Smoky Chipotle Seasoning) – Smoky Chipotle, tasty garlic and onion and black pepper balance to make the perfect shake to top a burger patty or two or your favorite beef, chicken, lamb, fish or pork dish. It even pairs well with chocolate.
  • Power Ballad (Spicy Green Chile Seasoning) – Hatch chili provides a gentle kick in this deliciously-balanced burger shake. And, with a bit of black pepper, the perfect amount of garlic and a dash of onion and you’ve got earthy goodness that’s the opening act to spicy seasonings. But, this burger shake isn’t just for burgers, try it on a variety of delicious ingredients, including avocado, fish, beef, poultry, legumes and even corn.
  • El Mariachi (Mexican Seasoning) – This blend puts the powerful earthy flavors of Mexico in your hands. This is the perfect earthy combination of cumin, oregano New Mexico chili powder, chili flake, and cayenne. Don’t worry, the heat is gentle and the perfect flavor note for anything “meaty.” Add this blend to pretty much any protein (it’s just as delicious on chicken and pork as it is on shrimp and fish) and a host of veggies including broccoli, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and jackfruit for the vegetarians out there!
  • Bohemian Rubsody (All-Purpose Seasoning) – Smoky and sweet, you’re going to want to rub this seasoning all over any kind of meat. This combination of Mesquite, honey granules and brown sugar makes a glaze so good you might cry. We’d like to say “we didn’t mean to”… but, we did. Try this all-purpose rub on poultry, pork, lamb or beef and a veggie or two.
  • Bangin’ Bhangra (Indian Seasoning) – Sweet tamarind granules combine with the tanginess of ketchup, mustard and vinegar powders, finished off with a touch of floral heat from Garam Masala. Get ready for a flavor celebration. While inspired by traditional Indian flavors, this blend would work well on lamb, duck, chicken, fish, game, root vegetables (carrots are delicious), yogurts, lentils and even mango.