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  • Morso 6140 Wood Stove

    Well-designed classic wood stove with beautiful curves
    Comprising of 4 models, hearth-mounted, pedestal and wall-mounted, the 6100 wood stove is simple in design and timeless in style, featuring a serene ‘wholeness’ of clean lines, hidden hinges and functionality.

    Morso 6140 Wood Stove Features

    Fireplace Type: freestanding
    Fireplace Fuel: wood
    Fireplace Type:

    The Morsø wood stove 6100 is tested and approved to meet some of the strictest environmental standards in the world, including the US EPA standard and the Norwegian standard NS 3058/59. Low emissions (4.1 grams/hr) and an outside-air capability makes the 6100 compliant with Washington State requirements and its maximum heat output of 30,000 BTUs/hr heats an area of up to 1000 ft²

    Morso 6140 Wood Stove Photos

    Morso 6140 Wood Stove Specifications

    Maximum Heat (BTU/hr) 30,000
    Test Fuel Load 5.15 lbs
    Particulate Emissions 3.3 grm/hr
    Log Size 12"
    Max. Area Heated 1000 ft²

    Firebox Dimensions
    12¼"W x 10¾"D
    Firebox volume/capacity 0.736 ft³

    Gross Weight
    215 lbs
    Outside Air Supply Not Available
    Mobile Home Approved No
    Wasington State Compliant
    Basic Clearance
    (using single wall pipe top vent
    Stove to side wall 20"
    Stove to rear wall 16"
    Stove to corner 14"

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