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Blaze King Sirocco 30 Wood Stove

The Blaze King Sirocco Wood Stove series embodies the timeless styling of the North American wood stove. It is important to pick the correct stove size to heat your home. At 2.75 cu. ft. the Sirocco, Chinook and Ashford 30 have larger sized fireboxes. All Blaze King catalytic stoves are thermostatically controlled which allows you to regulate the heat output, making them usable in a wide variety of home sizes.

You can customize your Sirocco 30 to match the decor of your home by choosing either the Pedestal or Cast Leg version. An optional Convection Deck is available (required when the optional fans are installed) which will increase the stoves performance. You can complete your styling preferences by choosing the available Satin Trim accents.


Heats 1,100 – 2,400 Square Feet
30 Hour Low Burn Times
Thermostatically Controlled
2.75 Cubic Foot Firebox
Max Heat Input 447,760 BTUs
86% LHV Efficiency (80% HHV)
38,507 BTU’s/h constant for output 10 hours
Up to 18″ Log Length
EPA Emissions 0.8 gr/hour
CO Weighted Average 0.14%

Blaze King Sirocco 30 & Chinook 30 & Ashford 30 Wood Stove Brochure

Blaze King Sirocco 30 Wood Stove Owner’s Manual

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