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Warpig Smokehouse

Warpig Smokehouse is an award winning barbecue team from the Pacific Northwest.  Warpig Smokehouse has been a Competition BBQ Team since 2012.  Pitmaster Jason Bauer brings you Warpig Smokehouse Rubs and Sauces.


  • Warpig All Purpose Rub – The Warpig Smokehouse All Purpose Rub has been designed to elevate the flavor of anything you throw down on the grill! Use this All Purpose rub on pork, poultry, beef, seafood and even vegetables!
  • Warpig Beef Rub – Warpig Smokehouse Beef Rub has been hand crafted to take your steaks, roasts and brisket to the next level. The Beef Rub is blended to bring out all those savory notes in red meat cooked over the coals!
  • Warpig Original BBQ Sauce – Our sauces have been hand crafted for exceptional taste and quality. This small batch barbecue sauce is sweet, tangy with just enough spice, A fan favorite on chicken, pork and beef.
  • Warpig Sweet & Spicy Mustard – Warpig Smokehouse Sweet & Spicy Musterd was hand crafted for exceptional taste and quality. Our Mustard Sauce is great on Sandwiches, as a dipping sauce or you can use it in your favorite recopies like Deviled Eggs and Potato Salad!