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RSF Focus 3600 Wood Fireplace

The Focus 3600’s versatile size, large viewing space, 1.4gr/h emissions and high efficiency make it ideal for retrofits and new installations alike.

Power and performance in a small package. At 2.1 cubic feet, the firebox of the Focus 3600 is the same size as the average wood stove, except it takes up less floor space and has a contemporary, built-in design. Despite its com-pact size, the Focus 3600 offers a large viewing space and generates an impressive amount of heat. With such a small footprint, the Focus not only saves space in the home, but it can be installed virtually anywhere.


Firebox Size-2.1 cu ft
Firewood Length-can accept up to 18″ logs
EPA Certification-1.49g/h
BTU Output-44,135 BTU/h
BTU Maximum-50,000 BTU/h
Heating Capacity-800 to 1,500 ft2
Optimal Efficiency-79%
EPA Average Efficiency-74%

RSF Wood Fireplace Brochure

RSF Focus 3600 Wood Fireplace Owners Manual

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