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MagraHearth’s non-combustible mantels are handcrafted masterpieces that add unique beauty, warmth, and character to any fireplace.

MagraHearth’s non-combustible products can be placed closer to the fireplace and lower than their real wood counterparts. We offer the designer a new tool to solve the “Mantel Clearance” issues arising from the placement of televisions and artwork.

MagraHearth mantels have been meticulously hand crafted to replicate the inherent beauty of age old wood and stone. With the use of patented lightweight concrete, our craftsmen have been able to match the actual beams, siding, and other elements of century old barns and structures around the midwest. All of the wood used to produce MagraHearth mantels has been reclaimed from a 150 year old barn. Our detail, color and non-combustible features create a unique design feature for your hearth.

Mantels, Surround and Wall Boards

All mantels are artistically hand finished giving each piece its own unique identity. Due to this process, we cannot guarantee any exact match to website pictures, displays, samples, or previously made mantels.


Chiseled Stone Series (CHI):

Our classic “Chiseled Stone” non-combustible mantels are hand finished to look and feel like natural stone.  These non-combustible mantels come in 5′ or 6′ lengths with a standard height of 5-1/4″ and a depth of 9″.  Color options of Grey, Buff and Graphite.


Mortise Barn Beam Series (MBB):

These hand-finished, non-combustible mantels are inspired from hand hewn mortise and tenon barn beams. Our Mantels come in brown or silver finish with standard height and depth of 6-/2” and available lengths of 60” or 72”.


Natural Wood Series (NATY):

Our classic “Natural” reclaimed barn wood non-combustible mantels are derived from reclaimed barn beams and hand finished in three colors: Brown, Silver and Whitewash. They come in 4’, 5’, and 6’ lengths with standard height of 5” and a depth of 8”. Our mantels can be combined to create custom lengths using decorative extension brackets to hide seaming.


Rustic Barn Wood Series (RBW):

Our “Rustic Barn Wood” mantel modeled on reclaimed antique barn beams, these non-combustible mantels are available in (3) finishes, Brown, Silver and Whitewash. These mantels come in 5’ and 6’ lengths with a standard height of 5.25”. Our five-foot mantel is 9” deep, and our six-foot mantel is 8” deep. This mantel can be combined or cut to create custom lengths using decorative brackets to hide seaming.


Other mantels available are the Large Barn Beam Series (LBB), the Small Mortise Post Series (SMP) and the Small Plain Post Series (SPP)


Post & Beam Surround:

A 3-piece surround based on hand hewn and mortised barn beams. The header is our largest hand-hewned mantel, and the side beams can be either plain or mortised and the pieces can be adjusted to fit a variety of fireplace openings.


Wall Boards:

Our hand finished non-combustible wall boards derived from reclaimed barn wood come in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses for a wide range of applications around fireplace hot zones. Finishes in Brown or Silver.


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