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Graysen Woods Hearth Pad

Graysen Woods is a very unique Hearth Pad manufacturing company. What makes us different? We have blended our two speciality custom products together: Mantels and Hearth Pads. Graysen Woods builds hearth pads with the largest variety of tile and stone selections on the market. Available in standard or custom sizes. The second benefit – Hearth pads available with fine custom cabinetry with every riser, hearth enhancer and hearth maximizer. The outcome? Blending your custom Mantel and Hearth Pad together gives you a one of a kind, ready to install beautiful piece for your home.

Create a freestanding stove installation that is a step above the rest with the new award-winning “Hearth Enhancer”. The raised base allows any freestanding wood, pellet, or gas stove to be readily accessible making it easier to tend the fire. The Hearth Enhancer drawer is a convenient location for kindling, firelighter or a fireplace remote. Available in two distinct styles, the Hearth Enhancer adds beauty to any room with its furniture quality style and finish.


Graysen Woods Hearth Pad Brochure

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