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Joi By Caframo

What makes the JOI so incredible is that it doesn’t use batteries, solar, or wall power to create its light. You can use it anywhere!

The JOI transforms the energy of a tea light candle into enough light to illuminate your night. Just minutes after lighting the tea light, JOI begins to convert the heat of the candle into electricity to power the 8 LED lights. Enough light from just a single tea light to read, dine, light your dock, light your patio – who would have thought?

Beautifully designed, the JOI lamp provides you with unique and useful light source indoors and out.

Light up your life – with a single candle!


Colors-Stainless steel
Product Size-6.8″(l) x 6.8″(w) x 9.5″(h) in


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