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Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 Wood Stove

The Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 Wood Stove is perfect for a large room or a smaller home, the Green Mountain 40 heats with the classic good looks of embossed cast iron. Offering medium heating capacity and small dimensions, the Green Mountain 40 is remarkably functional adaptable.


Heats up to: 1,300 sq.ft.
Firebox Capacity: 1.3 cu.ft.
Size: Up to 40,000 BTUs
EPA Certified: 0.9 gph
Efficiency: 81% LHV
Burn time: Up to 16+ hours
HeatLife: Up to 20+ hours
Maximum Log Length: 16 in


Hearthstone Stove Brochure

Hearthstone Green Mountian 40 Wood Stove Owner’s Manual

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