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HPC Outdoor Gas Firepits

HPC Outdoors know how to make an evening. HPC offers unlimited options to create an unforgettable backyard experience. HPC commercial grade gas fire pit inserts and enclosures are manufactured to a higher standard, with CSA-certified technology to ensure exceptional performance that’s as safe as it is memorable.. HPC has products for both commercial and residential applications with the broadest outdoor product line-including inserts, burners, bowls, covers, keys, enclosures and torches.

HPC introduced the Penta Burner- a very unique and innovative burner design that delivers a very full campfire effect…much more evident than any other burner or fire ring on the market. This is accomplished by the 9, 12 & 3 o’clock burner ports on each lobe of the burner (except on the lobe tips) by design to reduce risk of excessive heat exposure to enclosure cap. This port design also prevents a distinct burner pattern when on lower flame setting- unlike many fire rings or burners.



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