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Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 Wood Insert

A generous heating capacity allows the Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 Wood Insert to heat large areas of you home with ease. Traditional cast iron style is complemented by functionality: a soapstone-lined firebox extends the HeatLife, an oversized self-cleaning window makes loading easy and enhances your fire viewing. The Green Mountain 60 delivers Hearthstone quality in classic iron style.

Meets 2020 EPA Clean Air Standards: Clean burning and efficient

Cast Iron Faceplate and Door: Unequaled durability and style, optional brown majolica enamel finish

Durable Construction: Full cast iron construction with 1¼” soapstone lining offers lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble free service

Thermostat Controlled Fans: Turn on and off automatically

Single Lever Air Control: Easy operation, efficient performance


Efficiency _______________ 69% HHV

Burn Time ______________ 10+ hrs**

EPA Certified _____________ 1.54 g/hr

Heats up to _____________ 2,000 sq ft

Firebox Capacity ___________ 2.4 cu ft

BTU ________________ Up to 75,000

Maximum Log Length ___________ 20″

Flue Diameter _____________ Top – 6″

Actual Weight _____________ 428 lbs.


Hearthstone Stove Brochure

Hearthstone Green Mountain 70 Wood Insert Owner’s Manual

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