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Lopi Radiant Plus Medium Gas Insert

Lopi’s Radiant Plus Medium™ Gas Insert is an ideal choice for anyone seeking reliable performance and excellent features at a great price!

The Radiant Plus Medium™ is a beautiful and economical way to keep your family warm for years to come, even during power outages! This unit features heavy duty construction and is designed to deliver radiant heat PLUS streamlined natural convection airflow to small and mid-sized homes or specific living areas up to 1,250 square feet. The standard Dancing-Fyre™ burning and Classic Log Set™ mimic a real wood-burning fire, right down to the flame pattern and highly detailed logs and ember.

The Radiant Plus Medium™ is offered with both Standing Pilot (MV) and GreenSmart® Basic (IPI) control systems, allowing you to choose the version that best suits your lifestyle and heating preferences! The Standing Pilot model is ideal for anyone wanting a simple, dependable heat source that does not require power to operate. The GreenSmart® Basic model is a great choice for convenience and energy efficiency, as your pilot turns on and off depending on your heating needs. It also includes an automatic battery backup system to operate during power outages.


Heating Capacity -* 400 to 1,250
Minimum BTU Input – 12,000 (NG) 13,000 (LP)
Maximum BTU Input – 25,000 (NG) 25,000 (LP)
Steady State Efficiency – (High) ** Up to 84.05% (NG) Up to 86.09% (LP)
P4 Canadian Efficiency – (FE) 73.93% (NG) 76.03% (LP)
AFUE 74.6% (NG) 76.8% (LP)
Fan 100 CFM – Optional
Glass Area – 24-3/16″ W x 12-3/4″ H
Venting Direct Vent – 3″ Intake, 3″ Exhaust
Weight – 80 lbs.
Burner System – Dancing-Fyre™ with 6 piece logset
Warranty Limited 7 Year


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