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Enviro Cube Gas Stove

Introducing the new Enviro Cube Gas Stove, one of the most modern freestanding gas stoves in our lineup. This sleek and modern box design gives you that European stove design. Capable of both rear and top venting, the Cube boasts an impressive 30,000 BTU output.

The Cube gas stove features a Field conversion kit NG to LP, Top vent / rear vent convertible, IPI Valve and optional 150 CFM Circulation Fan available. Color Options include Cypress Green, Bordeaux Read, and Sage Green panel kits sold separately. Table Options with short table or a long table option.


Heating Area-1,700 ft²
Max Input BTU(NG)-30,000
P4 Efficiency-60%
Glass Size-2214” W x 2014” H
Convection Fan-150 CFM
Unit Dims*-w/Table
24” W x 3518” H x 1734” D
w/Long Table
44” W x 3518” H x 19316” D