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  • Lopi AGP Pellet Stove

    The Lopi AGP Pellet Stove is designed to burn “All Grades of Pellets.” From the hopper to the ashpan they have designed in features that allow you to burn low grade wood pellets as efficiently and effectively as possible. With its unique fuel delivery system they’ve eliminated many of the maintenance headaches previously associated with owning a pellet stove.

    The heart of the system is the Horizontal Rotary Disc (HRD). As the layered disc rotates fuel leaves the hopper and enters the holding area, which is the space between the hopper and the auger. The disc rotates 180 degrees before the holding area opens allowing the fuel to drop onto the auger. By doing this the two openings (upper and lower) are never simultaneously aligned, thus delivering a precise amount of fuel and eliminating any chance for a burn back.

    Lopi AGP Pellet Stove Features

    Fireplace Type: freestanding
    Fireplace Fuel: pellet
    Fireplace Type:

    •New "All Grade Pellet" feed system is self cleaning and designed to burn multiple grades of wood pellets.
    •Unique horizontal rotary disk feed system (HRD) delivers all grades of pellets without jamming, overfeeding or burn backs
    •Revolutionary heat exchange system for maximum heat output
    •GreenSmart Thermostat setting modulates feed rate to maintain an even room temperature, 3 setting choices

    Lopi AGP Pellet Stove Photos

    Lopi AGP Pellet Stove Specifications

    Heating Capacity 800 to 2,000 Sq. Feet
    Glass Size 14-3/4" W x 8-9/16" H Sq. Inches
    Venting 3"
    Maximum Burn Time 57 Hours
    Emissions 0.9* Grams Per Hour
    Hopper Capacity 80 Pounds
    BTU Range 11,480 to 41,000 BTU's / Hour
    Burn Rate 1.4 to 5 Pounds Per Hour
    Minimum Efficiency 75+%**

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