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Blaze King Clarity 2118 Gas Fireplace

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The Clarity 2118 is designed to fit into a modern home where space is a premium. It can be installed like a traditional fireplace or raised slightly higher in a wall. Our unique “Reflections Burner System” features black floor glass, mirrored side glass, “Sand Dunes” rear liner and a crescent shaped burner. Decorative options include a choice of river washed logs or a custom stainless steel firebox artwork that can make this fireplace uniquely yours.


The CL2118 is powerful with 27,300 BTU’s of heat and able to turn down by 50%. It is available in standing pilot or fully programmable IPI configuration with the ability to turn the flame and heat down by up to 50%. The fireplace features a large viewing area of 21” x 18”. An optional fan system is available to help move the warmth in your home.


BTU Maximum Input:  27,300
Square Feet Heated:  600 – 1200
Glass Size:  21”W x 18”H
Valve Configuration:  Standing Pilot or IPI

P.4 EnerGuide Efficiency (NG): 60.72% (SP) 62.04% (IPI)*
Steady State Efficiency (NG):  66.87% (SP) 66.87% (IPI)

Heat Turn Down:  50%


Options – 

“City Scape” Firebox Artwork
“In the Woods” Firebox Artwork
Custom Firebox Artwork
“River Washed” log set
Fan System
3 sided Shroud
4 sided Shroud
Smart Home Receiver (IPI)


Features – 

Reflections Burner System
“Sand Dunes” ceramic rear liner
Mirrored firebox liners
Black Glass firebox floor
Integratede “Invisimesh” safety screen
Non reflective door glass

Customize your fireplace
Raised install option
Hearth install option
Choice of firebox artwork
Log set option


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