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Blaze King Clarity 4416 Gas Fireplace

The Blaze King Clarity 4416 Gas Fireplace has 3 burners and utilizes a split flow valve which allows you to turn off the 2 rear burners while leaving the front burner lit meaning you can reduce heat output by 75%. The fireplace can be controlled with our standard remote control or via your “Smart” devices. The Clarity 4416 comes with our exclusive wave pattern burner framed with a reflective black glass floor which multiplies the effect of the flame further adding to the ambiance. You can choose our “Reflections” firebox liner kit with black glass rear panel and mirrored glass sides to fill the firebox with flame from every angle. Alternatively, you can choose to customize your fireplace by adding our exclusive, full color illuminated custom artwork rear panel. You can choose from a traditional style log set or a modern river washed log set.


P.4 EnerGuide Efficiency (NG) 65.64%
P.4 EnerGuide Efficiency (LP) 68.29%
Steady State Efficiency (NG) 69.61%
Steady State Efficiency (LP) 71.30%
BTU Input (NG) 40,428 BTU/hr
BTU Input (LP) 38,201 BTU/hr
Heat Turn Down 75%
Square Feet Heated 900-2000 sq ft
Venting 5″x8″ Co Axial

Blaze King Clarity 4416 Gas Fireplace Owner’s Manual

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