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  • Hearthstone Stowe DX Gas Stove

    The newly redesigned Hearthstone Stowe DX gas stove brings you the height of direct-vent technology with the ProFlame electronic ignition system and HeatWave refractory.

    The way the ProFlame ignition works is simple: the pilot is off when the stove isn’t in use, resulting in considerable fuel savings – great for your wallet and the environment. Plus, with a built in battery backup, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of the stove during the times you need it most: when the weather leaves you without electricity.

    The HeatWave refractory directs the heat of the flame to the glass and the double heat exchanger, maximizing the radiant heat from the stove.

    Hearthstone Stowe DX Gas Stove Features

    Fireplace Type: freestanding
    Fireplace Fuel: gas
    Fireplace Type:

    Sealed firebox/ Direct-Vent technology
    Air for combustion is drawn from outside the home, reducing cold air drafts. This results in greater efficiency due to not using heated room air for combustion.

    Large fire viewing area; realistic logs and flame picture
    A perfect focal point for relaxation and enjoyment.

    ProFlame electronic ignition system
    The pilot is off when the stove isn’t in use (optional), resulting in considerable fuel savings. Comes with a battery backup, so you can use the stove even without electricity.

    Toggle Switch
    Continuous or intermittent pilot.

    HeatWave Refractory
    Directs the heat of the flame to the glass and the double heat exchanger, maximizing the radiant heat from the stove.

    Certified room heat with double heat exchange system
    Increased stove efficiency; less heat lost up the chimney means more usable heat for less money.

    Adjustable heat output
    All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.

    45-degree flue exit
    Installation flexibility.

    Field convertible valve
    Use liquid propane or natural gas fuel. Stove is factory equiped to burn natural gas.

    Remote control
    Features remote thermostat, “smart thermostat”, 5-level flame control, 5-speed fan control, child lock-out and auxiliary outlet.

    5-speed circulating blower
    Maximizes your level of comfort.

    Hearthstone Stowe DX Gas Stove Photos

    Hearthstone Stowe DX Gas Stove Specifications

    Heats up to 1,200 sq. ft.
    Burn Rate Range 18,000 - 25,000 BTUs/hr.
    Steady State Efficiency Up to 83%
    EnerGuide Rating 61%
    Width 22"
    Height 26"
    Depth 17"
    Flue Diameter 4" x 6-5/8"
    Flue Exit 45 degree exit
    ProFlame Ignition System Standard
    Built-In "On-Remote-Off" Switch Yes
    Available for NG or LP Yes
    Remote Thermostat & Control Included
    5 Speed Circulation Fan Included
    Screen Kit Included Yes
    Actual Weight (lbs.) 160
    Mobile Home Certified Yes
    Clearances (Minimum Clearance to Combustibles)
    Side 4"
    Rear 2"
    Corner 3"

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