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  • Iron Strike S160 Wood Stove

    The Iron Strike Striker S160 wood stove is among the lowest-emissions, non-catalytic stoves made anywhere in the world. Combined with its simple good looks, it possesses one of the most efficient combustion system ever made in a wood stove. The hand-crafted Striker performs exceptionally well, even at the low burn setting, allowing you to achieve the long, clean burns you desire – leaving your home warm and your mind at ease.

    Iron Strike S160 Wood Stove Features

    Fireplace Type: freestanding
    Fireplace Fuel: wood
    Fireplace Type:

    Unique, integral airwash system keeps the glass clean and clear for a wide-open view of the fire.
    Constructed from premium materials, like heavy-gauge stainless steel for dependable performance and striking appearance.

    Ceramic-fiber blanket utilizes technology developed by NASA that has 10 times the insulation value of firebrick, radiating heat back into the firebox and creating higher efficiencies and cleaner gas.
    Uniquely designed refractory baffle assists in igniting fuel-rich gases, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.
    Stainless steel afterburner tubes mix oxygen with unburned gases and smoke to create a secondary burn, lowering fuel costs.
    Heavy-duty door contains no nuts or washers, forming a 360° seal for long-lasting durability.
    EPA Phase II-certified for clean and efficient operation.

    Ease of Operation
    singular draft control for simple operation and burn rate adjustment.

    Design Versatility
    Two distinct door styles, five unique door finishes and a choice of glass styling options for a customized look.
    Pedestal or leg choices provide customization for personalized styling preference.

    Iron Strike S160 Wood Stove Photos

    Iron Strike S160 Wood Stove Specifications

    Venting-6" Pipe
    View Style-Front View
    Heating Capacity*-700-1,400 sq. ft.
    Warranty-Limited Lifetime

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    This little thing HEATS! Great performance for such a little thing. I like it also because it sits so close to the walls.

    Scott. B.